FANTOME is a British Graphic Artist raised in a small valley in New Zealand - inspired by a visual diet of 80's Films and TV, sticker graphics, old colouring books, comics, screenprinted ephemera and recurring visions of having pens and pencils instead of fingers. 

Best known for His artwork and screen printed editions that feature depictions of giant pencils, paintbrushes and a motley crew of characters hell bent on creative abandon. Fantomes artworks are a direct call to arms for people everywhere to pick up their pencil, their brush, their artistic tool of choice and go forth to proclaim the power of the creative spirit as the mightiest weapon of all.

An accomplished graphic designer and illustrator Fantome had his first artwork - a comic published at just age 13 and illustrated a portrait of Kate Moss for legendary magazine The Face whilst still at college. His unorthodox, laid back approach and varied skill set led to projects and collaborations with the likes of: MTV, DJ Shadow, Diesel, Fila, Red Bull and Paul Insect. 

Fantome has been producing screen printed editions and exhibiting his work since 2008. He has built a solid reputation as one to watch in recent years, with his work increasingly sought after by art fans and collectors.