I have a fairly fertile mind that wrestles with the weight of too many abstract ideas. I sketch everything out in the form of a rough thumbnail and pick and choose what I think works and what doesn't.

I work on large sheets of Bristol board paper and sketch up in pencil. I then work over the top in either Black fine-liners or more recently I have chosen to paint in Black Acrylics for a looser feel. The resulting artwork is then scanned and prepped for screenprinting. Occasionally I add a texture I've scanned in Photoshop or composite other drawings into the background. I use the Mac as well to erase any errant pencil lines or coffee stains, a lot of other mistakes are purposely left in.

I am obsessive with choosing the right combination of paper and Pantone colour to produce the best print possible. Colour is an endless fascination but I love the limitations of Black and White and the limitations of the screen print process too. I would choose screenprinting any day over digital printing, a good analogy would be a Vinyl recording Vs an MP3 file, there is a certain romance, truth and purity to it and you cannot substitute the authentic quality.

I have been using the same local Newcastle based screen printers to produce all my prints, they work to the highest standard and produce editions as well for a number of local artists, the likes of: Hush, Tom French and Prefab77.